Animal Health And Disease Control

1-Q. What do you mean about health of cattle ?
Ans. It is being commonly understood that health of cattle is state of health of both physical & mental level.

2-Q. How will you know that the animal is healthy ?
Ans. The animal seems to be healthy when animal is having normal appebel, proper moment, natural mastication, sweating of muzzle, very active in its behavior, no abnormality in its natural process, feeling well being.

3-Q. If a cow will be liesed down with deep hurried respiration within 2-3 hours of calving, footing salivation, cassation of urination & defecation. At last cow slows down & body temp comes to subnormal. These symptoms are exhibited for which reason?
Ans. Soon after delivery of the cow, these symptoms are manifolded due to calcium deficiency. It is named as “Milk Fever” or “Parforient Paresis”. If the cow will not treated with calcium therapy, there is every possibility of death of cow.

4-Q. What is line of treatment of milk fever disease ?
Ans. The treatment against milk fever should be adopted immediately. The treatment with calcium processing work will rapidly recovered the disease.

5-Q. Sometimes, weak and blind calves are born and able to get up. In other cases also, some calves are born with good vision but can not stand properly to suckle milk from udder & lastly they die. Is there are any remedy for this?
Ans. Yes, there is a remedy to overcome such situation. If the calf is having good eye sight and unable to set up, this can be recovered by treatment. In blind cases injection of Vit-A can cure the disease and the calf can not suckle colostrum, it can be fed by both the feeding.

6-Q. Is there any remedial measures for this?
Ans. Yes, there is a way for this during primary period of cow if there will be efficiency of Via-A, then new born calf will also have Vit-A, deficiency if we should feed sufficient greens or mineral mixture or maize to pregnant cows. Then this deficiency can be avoided. If required Via-A, injection can also be given to pregnant cows.

7-Q. One CBJ cow was giving 10-12 liters of milk per day. During this year in 2nd lad ion, the same cow gave good yield for 10-15 days. The health condition, feeding and drinking were normal. But after words the cow should partial appetite, weakened, debilitated, hide bound condition. The milk yield also reduced to great extent, liching her body. Weather this is a disease or any other else.
Ans. As per the symptoms described it is a disease of “Ketosis”. In high yielding cows, this disease mostly occurs. After urine test, this disease can be diagnosed.

8-Q. My bullocks are ploughed & carry bullock cart very well. Two days before, bullocks were used for ploughing in the sun & were tied. But all on a sudden, the bullock lies down in a encircle way, forthy foams came out from mouth, made grunting sound. After water spraying over the body, the bullock could get up. But today in noon hours, again the bullock trembling and fell down, and could get up after water spraying. Is this disease will show this symptom every day, & will not be recovered?
Ans. This disease occurs due to Magnesium deficiency. His disease can be cure if bullock will be treated with Magnesium. Do not plough the bullock or graze the animals in the sun during prevalent of this disease.

9-Q. My cow yields 9-10 liters milk per day. After calving, cow lied down, and unable to stand up. After treatment by our local VAS, cow is taking diet & masticating normally but remains in prostrated condition with dragging. The condition of cow is not improving and seemed to be as before. How will my cow be cured ?
Ans. This disease is called “Downer’s Cow Syndrome”. This can be recovered if treatment will be done by the veterinary doctor. In all cases, this disease can not be cure. Treatment is time consuming. We have to left the cow every day to its standing position, with mambo & gumming bags like travis.

10-Q. How will we take care of naval reason of a new born calf ?
Ans. Soon after delivery of the calf, the naval cord should be tied with a strong thread 4” apart from the naval base line, and again put a knot on the naval chord 1” apart from the 1st knot. Then cut the chord in between the 2nd knot with sterilized scissor or blade and apply spirit “Mercurochrome” for one week. If the naval base becomes swollen & hard, we may hot torment with boric acid power.

11-Q. Why naval ill occurring in new born calf & what are the remedy measures ?
Ans. If the new born calf comes in contact with unhealthy environment, crow tappan, laceration of naval reason, cow licks naval region, naval ill. Will be the calf created by invasion of bacteria. If it will be regreated without treatment, then infected naval region will be swollen, painful, pous formation & converted to a maggoted wound by flies. In chronic cases, naval region applying to be hard. Sometimes, leg joints will be swollen. Maggots can be removed with for up & putting one or two drops oil tarpantiles per day. Afterwards wash daily cleanly and dressed with flyrepellent oint. If needed contribution injection may be given.

12-Q. What are the factors that causes serious diarria in 1 month calf ?
Ans. One month calf show diarias may be the cause of round worm. Very young calf at the age of 10-15 days may also suffer from liquid diama due to bacterial infection mostly E. Coli, Another major cause of diamue is if a calf will be deprived of fud

13-Q. Sometimes, it is observed that milk comes out through nose wile a calf suckling milk after birth. What is the reason ?
Ans. Due to congentinal obnormalism, sometimes

14-Q. Buffalo calves and calves of 1 moth age show long worms on their cauls, so, which medicines can curtaining cure the calm ?
Ans. These worms are nothing but a scaris lubricoides, with some other spaces and

Diary Processing

1-Q. Which country is the highest milk producer in the world ?
Ans. India

2-Q. The annual milk production in India is how much ?
Ans. 9 crores or 90 million tones milk.

3-Q. Under A.H. Sector, farmers get their maximum lively hood from which source ?
Ans. Cattle & buffalos in preceding milk.

4-Q. Which are the real producers of milk in our star as will as our country ?
Ans. Marginal & small farmers.

5-Q. What are the steps to be taken for increasing potentiality of milk production of cows & buffalos and inonasing milk production of our milk producers.
Ans. Use of quality sumun of improved breeds, balanced feeding of feed & green fidder, better management process and discuss control programs.

6-Q. Is there any problem in drinking of milk of cows who has been injected with hormones like Oxytocin for increasing milk yield.
Ans. By replotedly giving Oxytocin injection, it will disturb biologied process in the body of the animals as a result the cow may not con further, drinity of milk from these cows will there harmful effected to the human body.

7-Q. What is the difference in colour of cows & buffalo milk ?
Ans. The cow, milk looks to be slightly yellow with mixed white where as the colour of buffalo milk is white.

8-Q. Why the cost of buffalo milk is higher than cow milk ?
Ans. Because, buffalo milk contains more SNF, fats, proteins, vitamins & mineraly than cow milk, and as there is more total solids, more diary products can be prepared out of buffalo milk.

9-Q. Why buffalo milk is not given to infants as a whole ?
Ans. As where buffalo milk contains more fat & proteins, it will create digestive problems, so, we have to add water to buffalo milk to approprior proportion, before giving to infant.

10-Q. In order to maintain clean milk production, what precation measures are to be taken ?
Ans. Cleanliness of cow, cow shed, cow owner, milk can, etc. can prevent contain nation of milk for clean milk production.

Animal Reproduction

1-Q. What is breed able age and body weight of the animals preferably considered for breeding ?
Ans. The body weight of the heifer is given more weightage than age for breeding activities. According to different breed & species of animals, breedage and body weight differs for breeding purposes.