1. Transfer order of OVS officers
  2. The Provisional Gradation List of OVS Group-B Officers
  3. Promotion and transfer order
  4. Transfer and posting to different places


  1. Transfer and posting to different places
  2. Publication of Final Gradation List of CDVOs/ Joint Director (Level-II) in OVS Cadre Group-A(JAG)
  3. Posting Order of VAS/ AVAS
  4. Transfer Order of BVOs
  5. Appointment of VAS
  6. Provisional Gradation List
  7. Transfer order of BVO, Umerkote
  8. Joining of OVS Group-A Officers
  9. Joining of OVS Group-B Officers
  10. Transfer Order of GM (OPOLFED), MD (OPOLFED) and BVO
  11. Transfer Order of JD-II
  12. Transfer Order of VAS and CDVO
  13. Transfer Order of CDVO
  14. Transfer Order of SDVO
  15. Transfer Order No. 7839
  16. Transfer Order No. 7832
  17. Transfer Order No. 7818
  18. Transfer Order No. 7825
  19. Transfer Order of BVOS
  20. Transfer Order of SDVO/CDVO
  21. Deployment ORDER
  22. Transfer Order of BVO/SDVO/ADVO/VAS
  23. Transferred order of VAS & AVAS
  24. Transferred order of Dr. Bikash chandra Behera, BVO, Belaguntha, Ganjam
  25. Transfer Order of BVO


  1. Deadline for financial sanction, issue of allotment, re-appropriation of funds, surrender of provisions and drawal of funds in the remaining part of the current financial year.
  2. Transfer Order of BVO & VAS
  3. Transfer Order of BVO AND VAS
  4. Transfer Order of BVO
  5. Transfer Order of VAS
  6. Transfer Order of BVO/VAS & AVAS/ADVO
  7. Transfer Order of Group-I Senior Branch Officers
  8. Transfer Order of BVO, VAS & AVAS
  9. Transfer Order of Group-I & Group-II Officers
  10. Transfer Order of Two Class-I Officers
  11. Transfer Order of two VASs
  12. Transfer Order of two BVOs
  13. Promotion Order of BVO(2)
  14. Promotion Order of Additional Director


  1. Posting Order of OVS Group B Officers
  2. Transfer & posting of O.V.S.Group A- jr & Group B Officers
  3. Transfer order of OVS Group(B) Officers
  4. Executive Order of VAS Transfer
  5. Promotion to BVO in OVS Group-A(Junior branch)
  6. Transfer order of OVS Class-I (Senior Branch)
  7. Transfer & Posting order of OVS Class-I (Junior branch) & OVS Group-B
  8. Promotion order to the rank of OVS Class-1(Junior Branch)
  9. Odisha Bovine Breeding Policy 2015
  10. Odisha Poultry Policy 2015
  11. Transfer & Posting order of OVS – II on 4-09-2015
  12. Transfer & Posting order of OVS – I on 31-08-2015
  13. Transfer & Posting order of OVS Gr B officers
  14. Final Gradation List of Joint Director-II & CDVOs
  15. Executive BVO Promotion Order
  16. Executive BVO Transfer order
  17. BVO/ Specialists Promotion Order
  18. BVO/ Specialists Transfer order
  19. Posting Order of VAS/ AVAS after completion of MVSc. study
  20. Executive order for Promotion and transfer of SDVO/ADVO/Deputy Director
  21. Executive order & Transfer Order of Joint Director Level-II in Junior Administration Grade
  22. Executive order for Promotion and transfer to the rank of CDVO / Joint Director level-II
  23. Notification of SDVOs, Class-I,(Senior Branch) promotion to rank of CDVO/Joint Director,level-II
  24. Notification of BVOs/Specialists in Class-I(Jr. Branch) promotion to the rank of SDVO/ADVO/Deputy Director
  25. Transfer order of CDVOs


  1. 43 BVO / Specialist transfer order
  2. Notification for Upgradation of JD Leve-II to Level-I
  3. Notification for Upgradation from Class-I Sr. Br. to JAG
  4. Notification for Upgradation from Class-I Jr. Br. to Sr. Br.
  5. Transfer order of OVS Group-‘B’ Officers/Contractual VAS
  6. Transfer order of OVS Group-‘B’ Officers on completion of MV. Sc./Ph.D. Course
  7. 13 BVO Notification
  8. 41 BVO Notification
  9. 4 No. of BVO transfer Order
  10. Executive Order of BVO’s


  1. Guidelines for IEC Program 2013 – 2014
  2. Executive order of BVO Notification – 2014
  3. Transfer of OVS Gr – B officers
  4. Job chart of Block Veterinary Officers/Specialist in OVS class-1(Junior Branch)
  5. BVO Notification
  6. Executive orders on posting of BVOS/Specialists
  7. Relieve of OVS Group-B Officers who are in additional charge of SDVOs
  8. Temporary Posting of OVS Group -B officers published
  9. List of Transfer & Posting of Group -B officers of ARD Department
  10. List of Civil Post of different district offices of 2012-13
  11. The Odisha Gazette