The Indo Swiss Natural Resources Management Programme (ISNRMPO) emanated from Indo Swiss Project Orissa (ISPO) which started its operation in 1991 aiming at uplifting the living standard of the rural poor through Animal Husbandry interventions. The partners from the beginning until present are AHD as the main partner; GGGMU as the 2nd partner and some NGOs as 3rd partner. Presently the NRMPO is under Vth phase of its operation which has started from 01.07.02 & will continue up to 30.06.2006.
The overall goal of NRMPO is to “contribute the reduction of poverty in rural Orissa through supporting life promoting process, hich enable rural development to be sustainable, people initiated, people owned and people controlled”. This goal is to be addressed focusing on 02 major thrust areas i.e. livestock service delivery (LSD) and livelihood and community organization (LCO).
In the livestock programme, ISNRMPO shifted its focus from activities at field level to HID oriented interventions at central level comprising training, extension, organization and fodder development.
During the year 2004-05 following achievements have been made through HID cell supported by ISNRMPO.

  • Preparation of curriculum and handouts for 3rd and 4th training camps for basic L.I. training.
  • Training of 60 support staff of Directorate on basic computer automation skill and use of Internet.
  • Draft presentation of report of OLRDS business Plan.
  • Preparation of employees information system – Data Base.