Dorapadar is about 8 kms. Away from Bhabanipatana town and is situated near natural hilly surroundings. Sri Prasanna Mishra belongs to this village and is a unemployed youth. From the beginning he used to learn how he will be independent in life without running after service, so, he decided to start a piggery unit under K.S.K. scheme as the pig running is the best successful profitable business. In A.N. sector. Accordingly he contacted AVAs, DAO & Bankers and submitted a project cost of Rs. 6.81 lakhs for a piggery farm being prepared by the block Addl. VAS. The SBI, Bhabanipatana sanctioned loan a sum of Rs. 5.0 lakhs under K.S.K. scheme where the subsidy of the loan is 1.46 lakhs. Due to non availability of improved breeds of pigs at chipima, he purchased 20 sows & 2 boars from Vishakhapatana with the help of Dr. Bhagirathi Biswal, Additional VAS, Sadar block. The large white yorkshire sows and boars were purchased @ Rs. 2000 – per sow and Rs. 3000/- per boar. The pig born till the date was 141 out of which 35 piglets sold amounting to Rs. 1.20 lakhs and now balance piglets is 106. Sri Mishra has expected to get Rs. 2000 /- profit from each pig as per his calculation given below.

If 1 sow will furrow twice in a year, so i10 piglets will be born in each farrowing. So total piglets will be born in 1 year will born = 20. If one pig will weight 100 kg (1Q) whose sale proceed will be Rs. 5000/-, then total sale proceeds of 20 piglets will be 1.0 lakhs. If feeding cost & labour cost will be Rs. 50,000 & Rs. 26,000 /- respectively actual profit per pig comes to Rs.24,000 in a year and rest Rs. 2000.00 per month per pig.