As per the Agriculture Policy Rule-6 of 1996 the Capital investment subsidy 20% is available to prospective entrepreneurs of the state under Dairy and poultry sector. The minimum unit size under broiler farming is 4000 and above capacity, under layer sector it is 10,000 and above capacity, under Dairy sector 20 milch animals and above.

The modalities to avail this finance, the entrepreneur have to apply the District Krushi Sahayak Kendra (KSK) in prescribed form. The application is scrutinized in that forum where the District Agriculture Officer is the Chairperson and different line Dept. as members. The said committee scrutinizes the application on its merit, then sponsor the applications to the Bank, desired by the entrepreneur for finance and the recommendation of the line Dept. also sought for the purpose.

When the line Dept. recommends and Bank satisfied, the farmer is financed and Bank claims for release the subsidy against the borrower. The maximum ceiling of subsidy is 20 lakhs per cent.