NPCBB (National Project on Cattle and Buffalo Breeding)

Brief note on National Project on Cattle and Buffalo Breeding (NPCBB)

In order to intensify the Cattle and Buffalo Development in the State of Orissa having the strategy for building rural economy and to reduce the rising trend of un-employment situation in the State, Govt of India has been launched “National Project on Cattle and Buffalo Breeding Programme” (NPCBB) with 100% grant-in-aid assistance.

To implement the above said project a State Implementing Agency (SIA) namely “Orissa Livestock Resources Development Society” (OLRDS) has been formed as per the instruction of Govt. of India for smooth and speedy execution of Project work.

Objectives of the Project

  • Timely supply of AI inputs to the field AI centres by strengthening LN2 bulk transport and storage and distribution system.
  • Conversion of static AI centres to mobile.
  • Conversion of non doing AI centres to AI centres.
  • Training of AI workers, professional & Go-Mitra.
  • Strengthening of bull stations.
  • Identification of bull mothers in the field by introducing field recording system.
  • Supply of bulls for natural service in inaccessible areas.