National Project on Rinderpest Eradication Orissa (N.P.R.E)

Information Sheet
Project Monitoring Officers at State Level

    1. SRI C.J. VENUGOPAL, IAS.Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt. Fisheries & Animal Resources Development Department &Chairman, State Project Steering CommitteeN.P.R.E., OrissaPhone – 2536985/2322960(O), Fax-(06747)-2400681
    2. SRI B.K.DHAL, I.A.SDirector, Animal Husbandry & Veterinary Services , Orissa, Cuttack. &State Project Co-coordinator &Chairman, State Project Management UnitNPRE, OrissaPhone-(0671)261629(O), Fax- (0671)2614739,(0674) 2407600 (R)
    3. DR.S.N.PATTNAIK,O.V.S.-1Joint DirectorOrissa Biological product institute Bhubaneswar &Nodal OfficerN.P.R.E., OrissaPhone-(0671)2614478(O),94370-90888(M)
    4. DR. ANANTA SAHOO, O.V.S.-II/c Deputy Director ( Disease Control)Directorate of A.H. & V.S., Orissa, Cuttack.Phone (0671)2614660-52(0)
    5. DR. G.P. MALLICK,O.V.S.-IIAsst. Rinderpest Control Officer,Orissa Biological Products Institute Bhubaneswar-751003

National Project on Rinderpest Eradiation, Orissa

During 1954, the Rinderpest Prevention programme was introduced in India. But N.P.R.E. was jointly launched by the Govt. of India, State Govt., Union Territories and Commission of European Community on 1.04.1992 as a part of 8th Five year Plan with an aim of complete Eradication of R.P. within a time bound routine programme, covering three phases viz:

  1. Preparatory Phase
  2. Eradiation Phase and
  3. Surveillance / Consolidation Phase

Since June’1994, Orissa along with other Zone-B States has been declared provisionally free of Rinderpest though, India as a whole has been declared provisionally fee of Rinderpest since 1-3-1998 and awaiting the inspection of auspices of O.I.E. Paris.
After completion of Phase-I and II operations, Orissa being a zone-B state has attended Phase-III i.e. Surveillance / Consolidation phase with effect form 1-4-1997 with a modus operandi as prescribed by Central Project Management Unit, N.P.R.E, New Delhi.

Surveillance/Consolidation Phase

The Surveillance activities aim at detection of possible hidden foci of Viral and Bacterial diseases which helps in identification and timely elimination of any sorts of outbreak of livestock.
The assignment on surveillance includes the rou8tine programmes like (a) Village search (b) Stock route search (c) Institutional search (Day Book Inspection) (d) Sero-Surveillance and (e) Organization of awareness camps.

The performance of the Surveillance phase is as follows.


Emergency Preparedness

Maintained and monitored under the governance of State Animal Disease Emergency Committee having co-ordination with

  1. A.D.R.I., Phulnakhara
  2. O.B.P.I., Bhubaneswar.
  3. ELISA Laboratory, Cuttack
  4. All C.I.L., S.V.L

State Animal Disease Emergency Committee (S.A.D.E.C) has been functioning since July’2000 under the Chairmanship of Commissioner-cum-Secretary to Govt. of Orissa, Fisheries and Animal Resources Development Department, Bhubaneswar.
The essence of SADEC is to contain any emergency situation and to eliminate the focus of infection at the earliest with minimum damage without restoring to vaccination.

Publicity and Communication Campaign

To highlight the achievement of this project:

  1. Publicity & communication campaign has been geared up. Talks with message on Rinderpest Eradication have been telecasted and broadcasted through “Door Darshan & All India Radio” in local language.
  2. Printing of leaflet, booklets, posters etc. on N.P.R.E. ETC IN LOCAL LANGUAGE (Oriya) have been prepared and the same have been supplied to all the districts.
  3. Organization of health camps with emphasis on prevention of diarrhea, discharges and other contagious diseases have been conducted.
  4. As per the latest assignment imparted by the Director (I&C), N.P.R.E, Department of A.H. & Dairying Ministry of Agriculture, Govt. of India, New Delhi steps are being taken to conduct awareness camp on present free status of Rinderpest at Block Headquarters of the State Shortly.

The surveillance phase of N.P.R.E is in active state with its prescribe norms as mentioned above.

(Dr. G. P. Mallick)
Asst. Rinderpest Control Officer,
O.B.P.I., Bhubaneswar.