Pig Germplasm

Koraput ‘Burudi’ Breed: Small sized pot bellied, prolific, least back fat pigs, solely thrive on scavenging or very little feeding.

Pondi or Jhinga Breed: Medium size, twisted tail, high back fat, prolific breed. Home fed and semi scavenging ability to thrive.

Wild pigs: Piglets collected from forest and house reared until one to two years age.

Ganjam Golla Breed: Medium size, black skin, strong snout, barell shaped abdomen, prolific grazing type of pigs.


‘Burudi’ Pig Breed of Koraput


Pondi or Jhinga Breed, Rayagada


Wild Piglet in Tribal Village, Malkangiri


Wild Pigs in Tribal Village, Phulbani