(A) Swarna Jayanti Grama Swarozgar Yoyana (SGSY)

I. Brief content of scheme

This scheme has been introduced since 1.4.99 where there is a great scope for finance under A.H. sector like Dairy, Sheepery, Goatery, Poultry etc in our State. Here priority has been given on group mode of finance to SHG members consisting of 10-20 members rather than individual mode of finance and maximum subsidy provided to SHG group is Rs.1.25 lakhs.


III. Other Support / Training

  • Training for Dairy farming can be made available in the concern block.
  • A.R.D. Department organizes field training of Swarozgaries on dairy farming and provides required technical know-how as & when.

IV. Eligibility

  • Each swarozgary must be come under BPL family.
  • Priority is given for finance to SHG groups rather than individual finance.
  • The swarozgari should not be borrowed form any bank or if borrowed , he should completely repaid the loan.
  • The SHG should work for minimum 6 mounts & must have obtained 1st gradation certificate.
  • The SHG must be experienced on the activity to be taken up

V. Application format

Printed prescribed application formats are available with the progressive Asst(PA) of all block.

VI. Procedure for submission & approval of application

  • First of all, the eligible SHG will apply to the concerned BDO on which trade they are interested for getting loan.
  • The BDO will fix up a date to conduct selection committee which is consisting of BDO(P.A), AVAS, Bank manager(F.O.), Panchayat Samiti member / Sarapanch.
  • Basing on the past experience of SHG, the selection committee will be decide on which trade the SHG is eligible for getting loan & VLW will collect application.
  • After scrutiny, Block authorities (BDO) will sponsor the loan application to the concerned bank depending upon the villages alloted to them.
  • Then after receipt of loan application by the bank, the FO will scrutinize it. In complete or in admissible loan applications are returned or refunded by bank to BDO which may be reconsidered after.
  • The loan applications are sanctioned by bank on merit of each case if satisfied.
  • Then intimation is sent to DRDA for release of subsidy.
  • Then documentation is done by the comprising on the following procedure:
  1. Availability of form / documents / stamps, Cuttack.
  2. Intimation to borrower / MDO.
  3. Photograph of the borrower
  4. Checking corruption of documents.

For SHG finance with group concept, individual documents of group mention is processed.
Ensuring availability of subsidy, disbursement of laon is made to the S.H.G. by the banly in phased manner.
As per the guideline of DRDA, the swarozgaris will purchase assets in consultation with the local Addl. VAS., who will issue the Health certificate of the animals with proper tagging for identification of animals.
Then health coverage of animals are done properly by local VS, AVAS, LI.