Majority of the people in Orissa are non-vegetarian and usually prefer the meat of sheep and goat. The State has good potential for development of sheep, goat & piggery resources. The State Agriculture Policy provides incentive to farmers for production of small animals and poultry. The Departmental farms producing improved animals will be strengthened for the purpose. Presently, there are 2 Sheep Breeding Farms at Deogaon (Bolangir) Chiplima (Sambalpur), 6 Goat Breeding Farms at Chipilima, Deogaon, Ghatgaon, Kuarmunda, Khajuripada (Phulbani) Godia (Sonepur) and 2 Pig Breeding Farms at chiplima (Sambalpur) & Matkambeda (Keonjhar). 2 Goat Breeding Farms at Chiplima in Sambalpur district and Kuarmunda in Sundergarh district are being strengthened under Central Plan Scheme. Scientific breeding of goats is taken-up under this programme.

There is a proposal to set-up 2 more Pig Farms at Randapali in Koraput and another at Malkangiri. The animals produced in these farms will be supplied to the beneficiaries and farmers of SGSY / PMRY schemes under self employment programme.

Performance of Sheep Breeding Farm for the Year – 2000-2001
Performance of Goat Breeding Farm for the Year – 2000-2001
Performance of Pig Breeding Farm for the Year – 2000-2001

Small Animal Development